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In 2014, Emily sadly said goodbye to one of her grandfathers, Dave, and her great grandmother, Beryl.

In 2015, Emily welcomed a new family member into our home, Bruiser. 2 months later, Bruiser devastatingly passed away.

In 2017, Emily tragically and unexpectedly lost her dad, Matt. Emily was 5 years old at the time and was very close to her dad.

In order to assist Emily to understand these tragedies, her mother, Laura, explained to her that her Daddy went up into the sky in his spaceship (coffin) and turned into a star. Bruiser and her grandparents also turned into a star. As stars they watch over her every night. For a long time Emily would wait until dark, run outside and point to the evening star, the brightest in the sky, and say “Look! There’s Daddy!”.

When Emily turned 8 she received a bracelet-making machine for her birthday. While making bracelets one day, she expressed that she would like star tassels to hang off them and give them to people so they could remember the loved ones they have lost who are now stars.

Stars of the Heart was born.

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Emily and Bruiser

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Emily and her Daddy

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Emily and her Stars of the Heart jewellery

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